If you want to be a great CW operator, you need a great paddle - and Bencher supplies the best. What makes the ideal paddle? A paddle that is perfectly responsive, light to the touch, a paddle your fingers float over and become as one. A perfect paddle is one that the operator forgets as his/her thoughts reach out, flawlessly and smoothly translated into perfect CW. A paddle with definitive yet subtle tactile feedback, friction free return, and perfect closure on every dot and dash.

Bencher offers four different paddles to suit every operator's need and preference. The world famous BY series of iambic paddle are the standard that other iambic paddles are measured against, and unfortunately is the paddle most copied by others though with much lower quality and performance. We have sold well over 100,000 of these paddles, surely far and away the most popular iambic paddle ever. We also offer a variation of the BY series, the ST series, for those operators who prefer a single lever paddle. But if you are new to paddles and electronic keyers, we strongly urge you to start right out with an iambic paddle.

Bencher also offers two newer designs - the Bencher Hex Paddle and the legendary Mercury Paddle.

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