The world's most versatile tripod head, the Majestic Gearhead, has proven its durability and versatility over sixty years of continuous commerical use. Designed to fit almost every professional tripod made, its unique camera platform options support large format, long roll, medium format and digital cameras plus a variety of other imaging devices. No other geared tripod head has proven itself so often for so long as the Majestic Gearhead. We still service Gearheads made 30 years ago, many for the first time, demonstrating the long term wisdom of their original investment.

Designed to handle cameras weighing up to 35 pounds the Majestic Gearhead features heavy duty aluminum castings and smooth mesh worm gears holding the camera securely in any position from 90 degrees forward to 30 degrees back tilt.

First - select the Gearhead model to fit the tripod which you will be using:
Model 1000 Gearhead fits any tripod using a projected 3/8" screw (most tripods)
Model 1200 Gearhead fits all Majestic tripods made since 1970 using a 1-1/2" mounting post.
Model 1900 Gearhead fits Tiffen and Davis & Sanford tripods using a 1-7/8" mounting post.

Model 1000
Screw Mount

Model 1200 or 1900
Post Mount

Second - pick the camera platform for the type of camera you will be using:
Digital, 35mm and medium format
Swing Platform
Medium format
3" x 3-5/8" Platform
Monorail view cameras
4-1/2" Round Platform
Field view cameras
4-1/2" x 6" Platform
Long roll film and flat bed view cameras
6" x 7" Platform

Swing Platform
more info...

3" x 3-5/8" Platform.

4-1/2" Round Platform

4-1/2" x 6" Platform

6" x 7" Platform

That's all there is to it - you've just selected a custom Majestic Gearhead designed for your camera and your tripod, ready to provide years and years of continuous use in a demanding professional environment.

Third - refer to the convenient Comparison Chart to determine the Catalog No. for the model you chose.

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